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“This work is interesting, rejuvenating, quite different and I feel uplifted at the end of every session.”

L. G., Fortune 500 Executive, CA

You know what kind of food, music, work, or people that you “resonate with.”  But that is just the 5% that is in your conscious awareness. The 95% that you are NOT aware of is what drives your life and can’t be solved with mind alone.

A Resonance Repatterning(R) session uses muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to discover what is hidden within you AND that is ready to heal. It is an emotionally releasing process and leads to understanding, forgiveness, and positive change.

A session brings deep changes from the inside out, so your life also changes. A session is NOT like traditional therapy which is primarily intellectual. It is NOT like having a “reading” or a healing "done to you." You participate fully -- and you know there is something real happening within you. It is guided by muscle testing – by your inner wisdom—rather than limited by problem-solving.  

A session is for people who are ready to face what is inside them, who are ready to be more powerful than traumatic life experiences. It is not a one-time magic cure-all and yet, a single session can cause breakthroughs that ripple out over time and bring life-changing results.

Did You Know?

Resonance Repatterning:

~Provides a cutting-edge combination of traditional and alternative therapies

~Is routinely provided long-distance via phone or Skype

~Uses Resonance Kinesiology to access information from your energy field.

~Releases deep unconscious traumas and emotional blocks stored in your mind body spirit system…often on the first session.

~Works on the quantum level as described by Deepak Chopra and many others (to access information beyond what you can see (much like a school of fish or a flock of birds can operate as one.)

The Resonance Repatterning™ System - Resonance Repatterning System is an energy process which can help you identify and clear the patterns of energy underlying any issue, problem or pain you are experiencing. A session with a qualified practitioner may help you gain greater awareness for the underlying patterns of your presenting situation, take greater personal action and improve your relationships with others.

Additionally anyone may learn to use the system for themselves with training provided by qualified instructors at the Resonance Repatterning Institute.

Locate a certified practitioner  in your community or with someone by telephone.  Many experience relief with the first session. Read What Our Pilot Research Reveals...

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